Your time is up Jammeh!

The political tension in West Africa is growing as Yahya Jammeh is yet to step down as president following defeat in last year’s election. 

In December 2016 the Gambian people cast their votes for a new leader and democratically elected the former Londoner Adama Barrow. Problem is the current leader Yahya Jammeh has rejected the results and is now refusing to step down. Here we go again.

Yayha Jammeh former military coup member has been Gambia’s president since 1994, his refusal to concede has caused tensions in the region resulting in an estimated 26,000 people fleeing Gambia to Senegal and other neighbouring countries.

His feeling of entitlement and pride has led to this situation that could very easily take a turn for the worst if he does not leave by 19th January 2017. The same day that is supposed to be the inauguration of President-elect Adama Barrow. Talk about raining on someone’s parade. 

Such leaders profess their love for their country and its people yet disregard their voices, democratic rights at such a crucial time. 

Your 22 year reign is up Mr Jammeh, the people have spoken. 

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