The floor is yours President Barrow.

Last week Gambia’s former president Yayha Jammeh at last agreed to step down officially ending his 22 year long reign in the country. Shortly after conceding he headed for Equatorial Guinea where he will remain in exile.

Just as all seems to be going well and we’re about to pop the champagne, it is revealed the in the weeks running up to his exile Jammeh stole $11.4 million from Gambia, spending the money on luxury cars and other goods. Of course, how could he possibly leave empty handed and without further crippling the country’s finances?

The 2016 Gambian elect saw it’s youth come together to oust it leader and elect Barrow into power. If its one thing this has taught me it is that when the youth exercise their rights to vote they are able to take back control from the hands of those who see them as disposable and decide their own futures for themselves. It gives me hope, although not always possible, this situation has shown it can be done.

So now the floor is yours President Barrow, let’s see what you can do for your country and its youth, men and women. Let’s see if you can do better to stop your people travelling through desserts, sea and foreign lands to get to so called greener pastures in Europe.

No pressure.

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