Donald Trump: The nightmare that became a reality

Just when you thought America couldn’t have elected a worse president than Nixon and Bush, as of the 20th January 20th 2017, they proved the world wrong and swore in a twitter troll as a president, Donald Trump. Indeed it does not get any worse than that. Well I can only hope it doesn’t. I am sure for many of us the past month and 2 days have been nothing short of exhausting, confusing and emotionally draining. The 90-day Muslim ban, the ban on federal money going to international abortion groups, the spewing of lies upon lies by his scrappy administration, the protests…for goodness sake its only been a month.

From my understanding a president is a leader that genuinely has the interest of ALL people in his/her nation at heart no matter their colour, heritage or religious belief. A person elected to serve the his or her people and meet their needs, not have the people serve him/her and stroke their ego. A person that also considers those beyond its borders and seeks to bring about peace not conflict and despair. Trump is a troll and bares all the traits of one. Donald Trump has proven he does not acquire these ideals, not a single one and therefore not fit to carry the title of a president in my eyes. So I’ll continue to call him Donald Trump, leave out the title ‘President’, that should only be reserved for an actual man (or woman), not a 7 year old child trapped in a 70 year old body. So it looks like I’ll have to wait another 4 years (or shorter, hopefully) to use that title.

His pompous attitude and narcissistic vain obsession with himself and women has made him the least popular president to take office in 4 decades. Ouch. Brought up with a golden spoon in his mouth (explains his taste for all things gold) he is a businessman that is all about making money. It puzzles me that people were rooting for him, if they were truly serious about wanting change and wanting someone that was anti-establishment surely Bernie Sanders was the best candidate throughout the whole election. Think about it, they now have a businessman in office, a man who was always rich and essential part of the establishment he claimed to be against, he was a friend of the Clintons for years!

Generally speaking, the number one priority for a businessman is to make money and maximise profits, not people. People aren’t really a priority unless they’re making you money. Let that sink in for a bit. To put it plainly, Donald Trump would do a David Cameron and sell his country in a heartbeat if the right Saudi Arabian investors came along, he does not care about the average American at all, how could he? He doesn’t know what it’s like to be average when he’s always been wealthy. As the days go by it becomes more and more apparent just how outlandish and out of touch he is.

This boy man speaks like a child. His description of serious events and people do not span beyond the words: bad, good or very bad and very good. Now he is in office someone needs to introduce him to something we call a dictionary. All that money and he won’t buy English speaking lessons? Unlike the eloquent Trudeau, Trump sounds like an uneducated brutish old man every time he opens his mouth, entertaining but scary when you remember he is actually in office. The English language has a plethora of adjectives that can be used to describe things. Sometimes the words ‘good’ and ‘bad’ just don’t cut it.

I say to people over again that if you strip Donald of his money and wealth and what do you have? To put it bluntly: An angry old racist white man.

My issue is that the love of money is leading people astray, rather than follow the people who want to liberate and help them, the world is worshipping those who have money but seek to harm them. I believe America, the media, opposers of Bernie Sanders have shot themselves in the foot. Clinton was never the right Democratic candidate but rather Sanders. If it were a Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump election, Sanders would have won by a landslide. If you can’t already tell by now I’m still feeling the Bern, yes indeed.

Overall it’s disturbing for the world to witness America’s leadership to go from the Obamas to the real life Addams family. A massive downgrade by anyones standards. The Obamas brought class to the White House, if there were ever a time to be proud to be American, it was in the last 8 years. Now, not so much.

Nonetheless, as history has shown, so-called leaders like Donald do not last long and even if they do last the whole 4 years their legacy will be one that brings nightmares to many. So let’s fasten our seat belts and get ready for a bumpy tumultuous ride. It is going to be a crazy one.

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