Burberry x Henry Moore Exhibition: Truly A Feast For The Eyes

What do you get when an iconic quintessential British brand collaborates with the prestigious Henry Moore Foundation? Magic.

For a whole week in February (21th-27th) the Burberry Makers House opened their doors to the public giving us a rare opportunity to see their new collection which drew inspiration from the works of Henry Moore.

There was a real feeling of intimacy the moment you walked in, from the chic but welcoming settings to the displays and presentations showcasing the processes and talented hands that stitched these exquisite garments together.


The Parasol: A homage to British Weather. Hand-gathered waterproof layers. (I’d wear this everyday if I could, with London being rainy and all!)


The exhibition explicitly acknowledged the influence of art in the fashion industry. Clear links between art and fashion aren’t often made despite the fact the two worlds influence one another and are not mutually exclusive. The exhibition was a testament that when the two meet they inspire one another to create timeless pieces.

The exhibition continues on to Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles. If you missed the London spectacle and happen to be in those cities when the travelling exhibition is in town it is highly recommended you go see it. You’ll be in for a treat!

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