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10 Autumn/Winter Outerwear Picks “17

10 Autumn/Winter Outerwear Inspo '17

Back from my hiatus! Living in Uganda for sometime nearly made me forget what it feels like to be cold and yes, I still hate it. Reality quickly sunk in the moment I got off the plane, in true British fashion I was welcomed with a wall of cold, freezing, bone chilling air. The shock and horror.

Welcome back to London.

As I figure out how to re-adjust to this weather and resist the urge to go into hibernation I must say I’m loving these coats and jackets such as the teddy coat, classic trench, faux fur, puffer jackets, shearling all of which have caught my eye for their warmth, practicality and the sheer fact they look good. May be the very things you, especially me, need to bare this weather, who said you can’t wear eye popping colour in the winter?
*Details below, click on the icons.
10 Autumn/Winter Outerwear Inspo ’17 by olatishe2 featuring Holiday Lane


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